101: How to Set Up a Budget

This is part of the Budget like a Badass course.

Budget like a Badass

Creating a budget is not just important, it’s often the most important thing standing between the average person and financial success.

Budgeting sucked for our parents. It involved a checkbook, a million receipts, hours of work and plenty of arguments. It simply isn’t like that anymore – technology does the heavy lifting.

In these lessons we’ll show you how to use technology to automate your budget, the guidelines you should follow and how to spend as little time doing it as possible.

If you don’t have a budget, you have no business doing anything with your finances until you have this on lockdown. It’s the cornerstone of building wealth.

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Lesson 1: YNAB Review and Chat with Founder Jesse Mecham

The importance of budgeting can't be overstated. Today we talk to the king of budgeting tools, Jesse Mecham of You Need a Budget.

Lesson 2: Master Your Money: Monthly Budgeting Simplified

Trying to take control of your spending? Need to start a monthly budget? This ultimate guide reveals a budget optimization strategy you can use right now.

Lesson 3: Budget Categories: Setting Them Up Without Losing Your Sanity

How detailed do you need to be with budget categories? Do you separate lunch from dinner or lump everything into a few areas? And which method is better?

Lesson 4: First Things First: How to Prioritize Your Financial Plan

We all need a financial plan. But there are so many aspects that it can be hard to know where to start. We'll show you how to prioritize financial planning.

Lesson 5: The Importance of Creating a Budget

Do you have a monthly budget? If not, how do you know how much you can spend? How do you track spending? You don't! So you're going to start a budget.

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