104: Debt Refinancing

This is part of the Destroy Your Debt course.

Destroy Your Debt

Most people have debt with a crazy high interest rate. This is because they aren’t aware of the importance of this rate AND companies do their best to distract from these numbers. Nobody in their right mind would go into debt using a credit card with 20%+ interest if they understood the consequences.

Everybody makes some bad decisions, we get it because we’ve made our own. Just because you’ve got some debt doesn’t mean you need to pay out of the nose for it.

With only a few hours of your time you could dramatically reduce your monthly payments, the amount of interest you pay and the time it takes you to get out of debt. You’d be crazy to not refinance your debt. These lessons will help you get there quickly and safely.

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Lesson 1: Andrew’s Lending Club Strategy

We check in with Andrew's Lending Club strategy to find out if he's making any money and if it might be a good investment for the rest of us.

Lesson 2: Lending Club Review: An Investors Secret Weapon

I made over 18% returns doing what banks have done for ages - lending people money, a strategy few experts talk about.

Lesson 3: How Exactly Does Peer to Peer Lending Work?

Wondering how does peer to peer lending work? We’ll explain what you need to know and give you the rundown on some of the best peer to peer lending sites.

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