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Being Charitable With and Without Spending Money

Updated on March 27, 2020 Updated on March 27, 2020
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Being charitable is important but when you’re minding your money it isn’t as simple as writing a big check.  But you don’t have to give money to contribute.

A lot of people start to think about the best way to give around the holidays.  But with so many demands on your money this time of year, how can you best give back to your community and the world around you without going broke?

When you’re a kid being charitable is set up for you.  Through the Boy or Girl Scouts, through your school, through your church if your parents dragged you.  And it didn’t cost you anything.  You did good deeds, donated your time, or collected things like clothes or food for others.

When you’re an adult, it can fall by the way side.  Demands on your time and money mean that charity takes a back seat.  But there are small ways to help.  A lot of stores will give you the option to add some extra money onto your purchase for charity.  Pet Smart does this and it gets me every time.  Puppies and kitties!

A lot of people get involved in a charity because of a tragedy or near tragedy close to them.  Matt filmed a series of videos for Learn 2 Swim on pool safety for children after a child in his family nearly drowned.  It didn’t cost him money.  He donated his time and expertise which can be more valuable than money.

Please be selective when choosing a charity to give your time and money to.  Don’t just default to the big name charity.  Do a bit of googling on Susan Komen and you’ll realize they don’t deserve a cent of your money or your time.  Give Well is an excellent resource that vets charities.

Sometimes the best reason to give to charity is because you are pissed off. When Tim Tebow’s mother did an anti-choice ad that aired during the Super Bowl, I made a nice, fat donation to Planned Parenthood in her name.

Quite a lot of girls volunteer their time.

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Yes, donating time to charity is a great way to score!  Someone who is generous with their time may be generous with their other talents too.  Ulterior motives still help the charity and you get some.  Win win. 

And please remember, charities are inundated around the holidays but people need help and money all year round.  We know each of you have unique skills and talents that any charity would be thrilled to take advantage of.

Show Notes

Betterment:  Invest now so you have more to give.

Charity Navigator: Another site to vet charities.

Donors Choose:  A charity for school children.

Texas 4000:  Help us beat the Stacking Benjamins audience and help a good cause.

Ted Talk Michael Norton:  How to buys happiness through charity.


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