103: Teaching Your Children About Money

This is part of the Your Money and Your Family course.

Your Money and Your Family

One of the most valuable gifts a parent can give their kids is a solid financial education. Understanding the value of a dollar at a young age will dramatically impact the decisions they make in their life. Maybe you didn’t have that benefit growing up but you surely want them to.

Instilling strong habits and understanding the importance of working for what you want are just small pieces of what we discuss in these lessons. Just imagine where you’d be if you were interested in personal finance at a young age.

For some incredible discussions definitely check out everything we did with Adam Carroll.

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Lesson 1: Why Teaching Your Children Better Money Habits is So Important

Teaching your children good personal finance habits is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Teach your children well.

Lesson 2: Teaching Kids About Money with Adam Carroll

Do you have kids? What are you doing to teach your kids about money? Adam Carroll joins us to talk about teaching your kids the value of a dollar.

Lesson 3: Are We Loving Our Kids Too Much with Adam Carroll

We first met Adam Carrollwhen he came on to talk about his movie about college loan debt. He's back to discuss loving our kids too much.

Lesson 4: Teaching Kids about Money with Nancy Phillips

Teaching personal finance is badly neglected in America. Zela Wela is changing that. Nancy Phillips joins us to discuss teaching kids about money.

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