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Lesson 1: Go Fire Yourself: How to Quit a Job Like a Professional

Even if you hate your job, you don't want to burn bridges when you leave. It's important to know how to quit a job without making enemies. 

Lesson 2: Become A Digital Nomad and Leave The 9 to 5 World Behind

Do you long to leave the 9-5 cubicle world behind? Want to post pictures of yourself in exotic locales? Need a fresh start? Become a digital nomad.

Lesson 3: How to Become a Freelance Writer and Quit Your Full-Time Job

If you are tired of your time and your income being tied together, you might have considered a career as a freelance writer. But can anyone actually make money writing? You can, and I do. I finally quit my full-time gig and now work for myself. I’ll show you how to become a freelance writer and quit your full-time job.

Lesson 4: Should You Start a Side Business?

We talk a lot about side hustles on the show. Today we'll discuss if you should start your own side business.

Lesson 5: Selling on Etsy with Mary Lynn Schroeder

Mary Lynn Schroeder is an entrepreneur with the #1 leather shop in Etsy. Learn how she turned her love of leather into a successful business.

Lesson 6: The Happiness of Pursuit with Chris Guillebeau

Best selling author, world traveler, entrepreneur, Chris Guillebeau joins us to discuss his latest book The Happiness of Pursuit.

Lesson 7: Turn Your Hobby Into a Money Maker

Jim Wang, founder of, discusses how you can turn your hobby into cash.

Lesson 8: The $100 MBA Show: An Interview Omar Zenhom

We chat with Omar Zenhom, co-creator of $, about how he got started and was able to quit his job to start his business.

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