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Lesson 1: Become A Digital Nomad

Do you long to leave the 9-5 cubicle world behind? Want to post pictures of yourself in exotic locales? Need a fresh start? Become a digital nomad.

Lesson 2: Get Paid To Blog with Cat Alford of Budget Blonde

Want to get paid to blog? Cat Alford will talk to us about her very lucrative career doing just that.

Lesson 3: Should You Start a Side Business?

We talk a lot about side hustles on the show. Today we'll discuss if you should start your own side business.

Lesson 4: Selling on Etsy with Mary Lynn Schroeder

Mary Lynn Schroeder is an entrepreneur with the #1 leather shop in Etsy. Learn how she turned her love of leather into a successful business.

Lesson 5: The Happiness of Pursuit with Chris Guillebeau

Best selling author, world traveler, entrepreneur, Chris Guillebeau joins us to discuss his latest book The Happiness of Pursuit.

Lesson 6: Becoming An Entrepreneur With Laurel Staples

Laurel Staples joins us to teach us how to forget the American dream and start living our own dreams on our own terms.

Lesson 7: Side Hustle Income with Nick Loper

Want to earn some extra cash to pay off debts or go on vacation? Nick Loper shows us ways to use a side hustle to bring in some money outside of your 9-5.

Lesson 8: Turn Your Hobby Into a Money Maker with Jim Wang from Micro Blogger

Jim Wang, founder of, discusses how you can turn your hobby into cash.

Lesson 9: The $100 MBA Show: An Interview Omar Zenhom

We chat with Omar Zenhom, co-creator of $, about how he got started and was able to quit his job to start his business.