101: Lower My Bills

This is part of the Cutting Living Expenses course.

Cutting Living Expenses

Bills happen. If you want to “Netflix and Chill” you’re going to at least have a monthly bill for internet and Netflix. You’ll also probably need power, water, a cellphone and many more things. That’s normal but letting them control your life isn’t.

These lessons will help you get rid of the bills you don’t need and cut the cost of your existing ones. Did you know you could just call companies up and ask for a lower bill and they will do it? Yea, often times it’s that easy.

While it’s important to spend less in general, reducing your core monthly expenses will have a major lasting impact of your ability to save and build wealth.

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Lesson 1: 27 Steps to Save Money By Winterizing Your Life

I love autumn, all golden and shit. Sweaters, knee high leather boots, pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving. The only thing I don’t like about fall is that it means winter is coming, so I just try not to think about that.

Lesson 2: How to Be Lazy and Save Money With Amazon

You can always earn more money and improve the way you save. As a result, your potential for wealth is infinite. Unfortunately, your time is not infinite.

Lesson 3: 30 Day Challenge: How to Get Rid of Cable TV

I challenge you to get rid of cable for a month and stash the money you save in a high-interest online savings account or invest it!

Lesson 4: Spending Leaks: Plug Yours and Stop Hemorrhaging Cash [Updated]

Are you wasting money? You need to plug your spending leaks! We'll show you where your leaks are and how to stop hemorrhaging money.

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