101: Finding a Job You Love

This is part of the Meet Your Career Goals course.

Meet Your Career Goals

There’s a lot of debate on “finding your passion” vs “finding your purpose” and we’re not going to go there. Because we think you can do both.

It all comes down to your approach. If you own the job search you’ll have more options and more options will allow you to turn down jobs you don’t want to do. This course will help you get there.

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Lesson 1: Everyone Says It’s Important to do What You Love. But is it realistic?

Everyone says it's important to do what you love. But is it realistic? And would you even really want to do what you love doing for fun for a living?

Lesson 2: Take Control Of Your Job Hunt: Here’s How To Find A Job You Love

Looking for a job can be a full time job itself. Today we interview Adrian Larssen to learn how to take control of the job hunt process.

Lesson 3: Quit Trying to Find Your Passion Already

"Find your passion" has become a hackneyed cliche but there is some merit in doing so, we just have to think of a less "Oprah" way of phrasing it.

Lesson 4: Being the Best You Can Be at Your Job

We should strive to be the best we can in all areas of life. One of the key areas to be the best is at work, the work you do for a boss or for yourself.

Lesson 5: How To Write A Professional Resume

An average job search lasts 18 weeks, but longer if you don’t have a resume. Here are 14 questions and templates to show you how to write a professional resume.

Lesson 6: Create Your Own Opportunities

The job market is still pretty bad and wages are stagnant. It might be time to create your own opportunity. We'll discuss ways to do just that.

Lesson 7: Creating The Perfect Resume with Mark Fiebert

Your resume can make all the difference in a tough job market.  We'll find out what you need to build the perfect resume so you land that job.

Lesson 8: How to Find an Awesome Job

Hate your current job? Wish you could wake up not dreading the next ten hours? You can! We'll tell you how to get the awesome job of your dreams.

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