103: Cutting Costs

This is part of the Budget like a Badass course.

Budget like a Badass

Figuring out ways to spend less money can be challenging. Unless you are already living a super minimalistic lifestyle there are ways you can cut some costs. One of the best ways cut down on your monthly expenses. Sometimes small savings may seem insignificant on their own, but could cumulate to a lot of savings.

We will give you tips that can help reduce your spending without making major sacrifices. Free up some income for investing, paying off debt or starting an emergency fund.

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Lesson 1: How To Retire Early with Mr. Money Mustache

No one wants to work forever and retirement at 65 isn't good enough. Early retirement is the goal. If you want to learn how to retire early, keep reading.

Lesson 2: The Road to a Simple Life: Minimalist Living Without Going Overboard

Minimalist living isn’t a new trend, it has been with us for centuries. So why is it making a comeback these days? Here is your guide to minimalist living without going overboard.

Lesson 3: How To Spend Less Money: The Ultimate Course for Becoming A Shopping Sniper

A 2,000 word training manual that will walk you through becoming a Shopping Sniper, allowing you to save more money & focus on what's important.

Lesson 4: Spending Leaks: Plug Yours and Stop Hemorrhaging Cash [Updated]

Are you wasting money? You need to plug your spending leaks! We'll show you where your leaks are and how to stop hemorrhaging money.

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