How We Stay Motivated
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Do you sometimes get into a slump, just a malaise that you can’t really pinpoint a reason for?  It happens to us all.  Together we’ll stay motivated!

Sustained motivation can be tough, whether it’s motivation to stick to a budget, an eating plan, or an exercise routine.  There are ways to create a positive feed back loop that will help keep you motivated.

Get back into your routine.  If you are a largely healthy person and you slip on the food and exercise, you will start to feel pretty crappy, you might even feel depressed.  Eating and exercising well are good for your physical and mental health.  Once you get back to normal, the feelings should clear up.

Getting bad feedback can sap motivation, whether it’s bad I-tunes reviews :( or the Dow is down, it can make you feel helpless.  But those things are not in your control.  Don’t obsess over things you can do nothing about.

A thirty minute walk is better than a no minute walk.

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Make a list of everything you need to do that day, even if it’s  really small things.  As you do them, check them off.  Even if you can’t finish everything, looking back at the list shows just how much you were able to do.

Read something that you find inspirational for a few minutes in the morning and before bed.  Listen to a podcast that is geared toward the goals you want to reach.  I listen to health based pods when I run and it motivates me because the pod reinforces what I’m doing.

Try a few things out, what works for one might now work for everyone.  Let us know in the comments how you get out of a rut. Here are a few more tips on how to stay motivated.

Show Notes

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Nerdist:  The podcast Matt uses to get motivated.

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