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For the Love of Money – A Chat with Sam Polk

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Sam Polk
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  1. Meet Sam Polk

How would you feel if you made $3.75 million in bonuses a year? It hard to imagine but our guest has done it. And he wrote a book about it! Today we have a chat with Sam Polk, author of For the Love of Money.

For most people, that amount of money would be enough to live a more than a comfortable lifestyle for many years. I can’t even begin to imagine what that would feel like, but if I had to guess, I would say it would probably feel pretty damn good.

For today’s guest, 3.75 million just wasn’t enough. Today we have Sam Polk on the show to talk to us about his book For the Love of Money. The guys go deep on what life on Wall Street was like, money addiction and redefining success.

Meet Sam Polk

At only 30 years old Sam Polk was doing very well in his career working as a senior trader on Wall Street. He was offered an annual bonus of $3.75 million and was not happy with it because it wasn’t enough.

At that moment he knew he had lost himself in his obsessive pursuit of money. He was addicted to it, and no matter what the amount was, it would never be enough. He knew he had to make a change and decided to walk away from it all – the power, the money, and may other self-destructing behaviors.

For the Love of Money

For the Love of Money is about Sams’ journey to find out what he really wanted and where he fits into the world. He still wanted success but wanted to do something that contributed to humanity.

Sam came to the realization that fulfillment comes from doing work he cares about. Sam wants to help others truly find out what they believe is important. Figure out where your puzzle piece fits in the world, not just where it makes money.

After leaving Wall Street behind, Sam moved to Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and daughter, and soon son. He is now the co-founder and CEO of Everytable, a company that sells fresh, delicious meals at prices everyone can afford.

If that wasn’t enough, he is also the founder of Groceryships, a nonprofit that helps low-income families struggling with food-related illnesses like obesity and diabetes.

His mission is to create businesses are for solving problems but not by funneling profits to those at the top. Through his companies, he wants to

“be part of creating a new economy that harnesses the dynamism of capitalism and also fosters the connectedness of a true democracy in which every vote and every voice count the same.”

If you want to read more about Sam Polk, you can find him at

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