Money and Your Family

Having kids is expensive. Getting ready for your first child is a super exciting time, but you must prepare for the costs of having a baby. Besides all the adorable clothes, toys, and diapers you need to also consider health care, hospital costs, and life insurance. And that’s just the first year.

We also need to educate our kids about money from early on. Understanding the value of a dollar at a young age will dramatically impact the decisions they make in their life.

Money and Your Family

What You Will Learn

  • Preparing financially for children
  • Childcare costs
  • How to be the CFO of your family
  • Saving for their future
  • Teaching your kids about money

Your Money Mixtape

Like many young couples, you can’t wait to build a dream nursery filled with all the cuteness in the world. We will help you with planning a baby budget to saving for a college education to teaching your kids about money.

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