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This Financial Life With Chloe

Today we welcome Forum member Chloe to discuss her finances. We’ll tell her what she’s doing well and where she needs some improvement.

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This Financial Life With Chloe

Today we welcome Forum member Chloe to discuss her finances. We’ll tell her what she’s doing well and where she needs some improvement.

buying a car
Thomas Buys A Car: An Addendum

You spoke and we listened. Here’s some much needed clarification on the episode where we discuss Thomas’ recent car purchase. Who knew that Thomas was […]

buying a car
Thomas Breaks Down How to Buy a Car

Thomas has debt! He bought a car. Not a new car of course but having recently gone through the process, he’ll share what he learned.

Real Estate Investing without the Mess with Chris Clothier

We interview Chris Clothier to explain real estate investing without the mess. Collect the rent check while someone else does the dirty work!

Getting Your Significant Other On Board Financially with Laura Fiebert

Fights over money are a leading cause of divorce. Andrew’s wife Laura joins us to talk about getting a reluctant spouse on board financially.

Make $100K a Year Writing for Blogs with Cat Alford of Budget Blonde

Want to become a blogger? Cat Alford will talk to us about her very lucrative career doing just that.

Better Know a Millionaire with Adam Dicker

We haven’t done one of these in awhile! Better Know a Millionaire is back to see if the other 1% really live that differently to the rest of us.

saleem khatri instavest
Instavest: Replicating the World’s Best Investments with CEO Saleem Khatri

Today we’re joined by Saleem Khatri, CEO of Instavest. A new platform to let others know why you invest so they can get in on the action too.

Teaching Your Kids the Value of a Dollar with Adam Carroll

Do you have kids? What are you doing to teach your kids the value of a dollar? Adam Carroll joins us to talk about money and kids.

This Financial Life with Andrew M.

Today we dissect listener Andrew’s finances. What is he doing right, what is he doing wrong, and what can he do better. This financial life.

Money Security Tips
Money Security Tips You Need To Know

With so much of our personal fiance information floating around the internet, how can you secure your accounts? We’ll give you a few ways to stay safe.

Allison’s Real Estate Investment Strategy

Thinking of getting into real estate investing but have no idea where to begin? On todays episode we talk to our friend Allison about her personal real estate investment strategy and what she has learned about the market.

This Financial Life: Lindsay

Today we have a This Financial Life episode with listener Lindsay. We break down her finances to see what she’s doing right and where she can use some help.

Taking a Break
Finding Your Productivity Sweet Spot

It’s important to get the most out of your day. But you can take the quest for productivity too far resulting in burn out. Find the productivity sweet spot.

What the F**k is the Federal Reserve?

Larry Ludwig from Investor Junkie is our guest today to explain what the Federal Reserve is, does, and why you need to know.

Crowd Sourced Real Estate Investing

Today we interview Benjamin Miller from Fundrise. Fundrise is a crowd sourcing site that allows anyone to invest in real estate.

IRA Roll Overs, Horse Races and Mega Backdoors with The Mad Fientist

One of our most popular guests, The Mad Fientist, joins us again to discuss the MEGA backdoor IRA strategy.

A Review of Our Favorite Robo Advisors

What is a robo advisor and should you use one? Larry Ludwig from Investor Junkie joins us to tell us what we need to know.

Getting Schooled On Bonds

A few months ago we did an introduction to bonds episode. We wanted to get a little deeper into the topic and a listener, Eric, agreed to help us out.

Obama Care For The Self Employed

Obama Care has made health insurance accessible for more people but it’s confusing to navigate. Thomas will tell us his story of signing up.

Recovering From A Burnout

Burnout can happen to the best of us. Even those of us at Listen Money Matters. But you can bounce back. A break and a few deep breaths and back on track.

5 Questions - April
5 Questions: Home Equity Loans, Student Loans, and Mortgages

Today we’re answering listener questions. Student loans, home equity loans, over paying your mortgage and a day in the life of a data engineer.

Anatomy of a Well-balanced Portfolio
The Anatomy of a Well Balanced Portfolio

Balance is important in all aspects of life, including your financial portfolio. Find out what well balanced means when it comes to your portfolio.

financial-life-sylvan - Copy
This Financial Life with Sylvain

Today we break down listener Sylvain’s financial life. What is he doing right, what is he doing wrong, and what could he be doing better?

5 Questions: Bonds, Interest Rates, and Retirement

We haven’t done a five questions for awhile. Today it’s back! Andrew and Thomas answer five questions submitted by our listeners.

Refinancing with Benefits: A Chat with Dan Macklin from SoFi

Are you one of the 40 million Americans struggling with student loan debt? Refinancing can help. Dan Macklin from SoFi tells us the benefits.

Destroy Hidden Fees with Uri Levine from FeeX

We are anti-fee at LMM whether they be bank fees, credit card fees, or investing fees. Uri Levine from FeeX joins us to discuss avoiding investing fees.

Being a Successful Penny Stock Trader with Timothy Sykes

What is a penny stock? Can they make you rich? Well, it worked for our guest Timothy Sykes who turned $12,000 into $4.2 million by trading them.

College Savings Accounts -Leveraging 529 Plans

College costs are rising. If you have kids and want to help them pay for college, the earlier you start a 529 Savings Plan, the more it will grow.

How to Decide If You Should Go to Expensive Business Conferences

Attending a business conference can be a great way to network. But if you work for yourself, you have to pick up the tab. When it is worthwhile to do so?