103: Productivity Hacking

This is part of the Meet Your Career Goals course.

Meet Your Career Goals

Need to get more sh*t done? Do you feel you could be more efficient at work? We all struggle sometimes to find the time to fit it all in. We want to give you tools that will help speed up your efficiency and be more productive.

It’s important to get the most out of your day so it’s important to find your productivity sweet spot. We will share our favorite tools so you can stay motivated, efficient and most importantly sane.

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Lesson 1: Finding Your Productivity Sweet Spot

It's important to get the most out of your day. But you can take the quest for productivity too far resulting in burn out. Find the productivity sweet spot.

Lesson 2: Extreme Productivity Tips with Mike Vardy from Productivityist

Wish you could get more done in your day? Mike Vardy from Productivityist joins us to share tips on how to optimize your time and get shit done.

Lesson 3: You’re Not Going to Make Money Without Doing The Work

There is one thing that still perplexes some, and even myself, and that's how to MAKE money. How do you make money?

Lesson 4: How to Stay Motivated (Even on The Shitty Days)

Learn in this article how I set myself up for a productive day. The goal is to not let your day get shitty by setting yourself up for productivity.

Lesson 5: How We Stay Motivated

Do you sometimes get into a slump, just a malaise that you can't really pinpoint a reason for? It happens to us all. Together we'll stay motivated!

Lesson 6: Profitable Personal Productivity Tips That Will Make Your Day Easier

We all have the same 24 hours to work with. But there are lots of ways to get more out of those hours. We'll give you some tips to make the job easier.

Lesson 7: Our Favorite Tools and Tips to Increase Productivity

I want to share the tips and tools that have absolutely worked for me when it comes to increasing productivity throughout my work day.

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