102: Negotiating to Get What You Want

This is part of the Meet Your Career Goals course.

Meet Your Career Goals

Whether you are negotiating your salary or getting a better deal on something you’re purchasing, you need to be prepared going into it. The more prepared you are the better deal you will get. We will cover different styles of negotiation, depending on circumstances.

Believe it or not, you spend a significant part of your day negotiating. Brushing up in your skills will help you reach agreements, strengthen relationships, and ultimately get you what you want.

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Lesson 1: Hourly vs Salary: Advantages, Disadvantages and Opportunities

It can seem more prestigious to be in a salaried position, maybe more because of what it used to mean that because of what it means now. It used to mean white collar, benefits, an office. Some salaried positions still offer those things but they're not automatic. In a battle of hourly vs salary, which prevails?

Lesson 2: How to Negotiate Anything with Daniel Green

Negotiating is a vital skill. For a job, a raise, to get to watch the game instead of The Real Housewives. Dan Green will teach us what we need to know.

Lesson 3: How to Ask For a Raise Like a Boss and Get Paid What You Deserve

We could all use more money and one of the best ways to get more money is to ask for a raise. But it's a little more complicated than marching into the boss's office and demanding one. We'll show you how to get a raise at work. 

Lesson 4: Negotiation Strategies: A Lost Art of Getting What You Want

The goal of negotiating is to take control of opportunities and tip them in your favor.

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