102: How to Eat Cheap

This is part of the Cutting Living Expenses course.

Cutting Living Expenses

We live to eat here at Listen Money Matters so cutting our food expenses to $10 a week is a little too extreme. Can it be done? Sure but thats not what this class is about. We want to teach you how to be a foodie on a budget. Cooking at home instead of eating out is of course an easy way to save money, especially if you plan your meals well. However, we still want to try interesting new foods and treat ourselves to a night out once in a while. You should too and well help you do that.

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Lesson 1: Cheap Meals: Good Food On A Tight Budget

Looking for a way to make cheap meals that hit the spot? Here is our ultimate guide to saving money on groceries and making good food on a tight budget.

Lesson 2: Cheap Eats: Delicious Budget Meal Ideas for When Money’s Tight

Anyone can eat healthy food without killing their budget. Here are ideas for budget meals and what to eat when you’re strapped for cash.

Lesson 3: Can’t Lose Weight? Here’s How I Lost 60 lbs Eating Healthy on a Budget

You can lose weight and save money! This is my story about how I lost over 60 pounds in a year and saved money just by eating less and not exercising.

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