101: Handling Money in Your Relationship

This is part of the Your Money and Your Family course.

Your Money and Your Family

Relationships are hard as it is. Add money into the picture and in many cases that’s a recipe for disaster. That’s a travesty and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Through our experiences and the people who have contacted us, we’re confident we can help you avoid fights about money.

These lesson and discussions cut to the heart of the problems that occur with money in a relationship. We discuss ways to detect problems before they happen and how best to resolve them so everybody is happy.

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Lesson 1: Financial Infidelity Can Be Just As Devastating as Sexual Infidelity

In the wake of the Ashley Madison hack, we explore another kind of infidelity, financial infidelity, which can be just as devastating as sexual infidelity.

Lesson 2: How Money Inequality Is Hurting Your Relationship Right Now

Money is a big point of contention for a lot of couples. We think of two people who are both scraping by and lack of money is a point of stress.

Lesson 3: Money is a Big Stressor in a Relationship But it Doesn’t Have To Be.

Relationships are hard enough as it is without talking about finances. So we're gonna lay it down about how to handle money in a relationship.

Lesson 4: How Managing Money Changes When You’re Married

It's one thing to manage your money, it's a different story when there's another person involved. This is everything I’ve learned.

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