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Choosing a Cell Phone Plan with Thomas Frank

choosing a cell phone plan
Table of Contents
  1.  Show Notes
Table of Contents  
  1.  Show Notes

Choosing a cell phone plan is confusing and time consuming but the right one can save lots of money.  Thomas Frank will help us get the most for our money.

If you think you still have to have a plan with one of the big carriers, you don’t.  Lots of smaller providers have entered the market with cheaper rates than the old stand bys.

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An MVNO is one option.  They are small companies that buy pieces of the big networks.  They are much cheaper but you get the same service as you would with a big network.

Ting is a really low cost option.  It allows you to use a Sprint device  on the Sprint network and create your own plan.  The cost could be as long as $31 a month plus fees and taxes.  Some devices will need a SIM card from Ting but they aren’t expensive.

Republic Wireless is another low cost carrier.  Their plans prioritize WiFi and only offer three devices.  If you’re a student, you are probably never far from WiFi so this is a great, super cheap option.

Remember when you thought a Razr phone was from space?

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There are so many phones and so many plans that you need a degree in rocket surgery to choose one.  Luckily there is a site that does the work for you.  WhistleOut compares phones and plans for you.

Freedom Pop offers free cell and internet once you buy a device from them.  But, and it’s a big but (ha!), they market to you and sell your information to third party marketers.  Check the terms of service before moving over to Freedom Pop.

You can always get a burner phone if you’re slinging drugs or a hit man and just buy pre-paid minutes.  Straight Talk offers pre-paid phones and even offer international plans.

Now days, you really can’t do any type of business without a cell phone.  You need it to look for and to get a job, you need it for emergencies.  This is a list of free cell phones and plans if you qualify.

If you’re paying around $40 a month, you’re probably doing okay.  If you’re paying more, go through these show notes and save some money.

 Show Notes

College Info Geek:  Thomas’s site will help you get the most for less from your college experience.

Betterment:  Take the money you save on your cell bill and invest it here.

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