365 Days of Money-Saving Tweets

365 Days of Money Saving Tweets

Starting on Halloween (October 31st 2013), we’ll be tweeting a money-saving tip every single day until Halloween 2014.


I thought it would be fun to come up with 365 ways to save money in 140 characters or less. I like to give myself restrictions because it breeds creativity. Try it sometime!

They will be useful, actionable, funny, genuine, and they won’t be pie-in-the-sky ideas either. I hate seeing a bunch of lame money-saving tips. Go to the park today = lame. Read a book = lame. Make crafts with your family = the lamest thing I’ve ever heard!!!

This will have to be a joint effort. I know you have some good money saving tweets in that ol’ head of yours. Share them with us!

We’ll be creating and using the hashtag: #Save365 at the end of every tweet. Anyone can tweet ideas using this hashtag, in fact, I encourage it. If it’s not lame, I will retweet it as that day’s tip.

Once the list is completed, we’ll create a post, or a book, or a poster, or something to showcase off of these awesome tweets and send it to whoever joined us in this massive, but fun, project.

Don’t hold back either. As long as it is a true money-saving tip that actual human beings can use without being a math genius or a total lame-o, we’re all ears (eyes, in this case).

So, who wants in? Follow us on Twitter and tweet us if you wanna join and follow along by using the hashtag: #Save365

Peach out!

(photo by Juanedc.com)

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