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Travel Hacking Tips with Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts

Updated on March 22, 2020 Updated on March 22, 2020
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Travis Sherry
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Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts teaches us how to see the world without spending a lot by seeking out cheaper destinations, scoring the best flight prices, and alternatives to hotels that will save you a fortune.

Traveling is on top of nearly everyone’s list of goals but many people don’t because they believe they can’t afford it.  Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive and there are options for almost any budget that will allow you to see the world.

If you want to drink on the plane without paying ridiculous airline prices you have a few options.  If you’re flying international, choose an international carrier rather than a domestic one.  The drinks are usually free.  You can also bring those little bottles of alcohol in the quart bag you’re allowed through TSA checkpoints as long as each bottle is 3 ounces or less.  Buy them at your local liquor store, not the airport to save even more. Chat up flight attendants during their downtime.  If you’re charming you can score free drinks from them, maybe free snacks too.

For a long flight, first of business class will be a lot more bearable than cattle class.  The difference in ticket price can be as much as fifteen times higher though.  This is where frequent flyer miles come in handy.  A coach round trip ticket bought with miles will be around 35,000 miles,  business just double that.  You can obtain miles through credit card sign up bonuses and by flying the same airline as much as possible.  Check to see what airline has a hub at your local airport and sign up for their free frequent flyer program.

Price flights through ITA Matrix.  You can’t book via this site but the price you find can be booked through a site like Kayak or Hipmunk.  ITA Matrix will provide you with lots of comparative data such as the best date to book the flight and the cheapest airport to fly out from.

The other big expense when traveling aside from the flight is accommodations.  There are so many better alternatives to hotels, especially for long term stays. Airbnb  rents apartments or homes for way less than a hotel.  You’ll also have more amenities like a full kitchen which allows you to save money by cooking some meals at home. Hostels are cheaper than a hotel and a great way to meet fellow travelers.  You can even house sit and stay for free.  Travis’s friend runs Trusted House Sitters which can show you opportunities all over the world for free accommodations.

You can stretch your travel dollars by choosing less expensive regions.  In Western Europe, Spain and Portugal offer greater value than places like Paris or London.  Eastern or Central Europe are about half the price of Western Europe.  South  East Asia will allow you to have a five star experience for a fraction of the price of a lot of places in the world.

Packing is always a travel bugaboo.  Travis recommends the Tortuga Travel Back Pack.  Pack what you would need for a week no matter how long your trip.  You can do laundry anywhere.

Traveling is something everyone of us deserves to experience.  It changes your life in ways that nothing else can.  Stop thinking it’s an impossible dream.  Travis is flying to Brasil for the World Cup for $5.  Anyone can do it.

Show Notes

Extra Pack of Peanuts:  Travis’s site where he will teach you even more travel hacks than we discussed today.  A calculator to see how many frequent flyer miles you need for a flight.

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