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Travel Across America for Free with Rob Greenfield

Updated on March 23, 2020 Updated on March 23, 2020
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Rob Greenfield: Environmental Activist
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Rob Greenfield is an adventurer and environmentalist who’s mission is to teach people to be happier with less and to make yourself and the earth happier.

Rob recently biked from Madison, Wisconsin to New York City with no money.  His journey really started three years ago when he started to notice the impact his actions had on the world around him.  He started educating himself and learned he was unknowingly creating a lot of destruction.  But it didn’t have to be that way.

Money can be used for good or evil.  But it takes more time to do good than to throw money at a problem and that’s what many of us do.  America has 2% of the world’s population and consumes 25% of it’s resources.

You can’t change this overnight but you can take small steps every day.  Rob made a list of things he wanted to change.  Only shopping with reusable bags, buying locally rather than at a big box store.  Rob started easy but as he progressed, the bigger changes didn’t seem that hard.

Yes, Rob is a dumpster diver. He set two rules for himself, he could only eat locally grown food or food that was going to go to waste.  And the waste food goes into dumpsters.  Two thirds of his diet came from dumpsters during the trip.  He never went hungry.  One day he drank $100 worth of unopened, not expired juice from Whole Foods.

Because such a large portion of our tax dollars goes to war, Rob advocates living a more “moneyless life.”  Enjoy the things in life that are free, nature (for now), friends, family.  Ride a bike rather than drive a car.

Rob indeed walks the walk.  His next project is building an tiny house from trash.  We’ll have to introduce him to Ethan Waldman!

 Show Notes

Rob Greenfield:  Rob’s blog about making yourself and the earth a happier through minimalism and sustainability.

Tethered:  Rob’s upcoming show on Discovery.


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