This Financial Life With Chloe

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This Financial Life: Chloe
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Today we welcome Forum member Chloe to discuss her finances. We’ll tell her what she’s doing well and where she needs some improvement.

Chloe is a 28 year old nurse who recently got her masters and has been looking for a full time job with benefits.

Even working part time, Chloe is doing pretty well. She went to small, inexpensive colleges on scholarships, federal aid, and one small loan. Most of her loan was forgiven due to her public sector work.

Chloe made an incredibly detailed pro/con list of the two job offers she received in our Forums. She got some great advice and that helped her make her decision. In the end, she chose the lower paying job with better quality of life and better future prospects. It’s not always about the money!

Chloe uses Mint to budget. Like most of us, food is her biggest budget problem. She maxes her 401k and Roth IRA but doesn’t have a lot of room to save for things like a wedding or a home.

Chloe has a net worth of $140,000! She attributes this to having priorities. Saving and travel. And always living below her means. Chloe’s dad started an investment account for her to use for college but because of scholarships, she didn’t have to use it. It wasn’t a large initial investment but because the account is so old, the money grew.

As we advise all of you, Chloe has an emergency fund. She invests in a few individual stocks. Lucky for Chloe, her dad introduced her to investing early. One of Chloe’s investments has a high fee. She needs to sort this out, you can lose a big chunk of your money to fees.

One of Chloe’s problems is dealing with parental finances. Her mother’s situation is not ideal and it may be something Chloe will have to deal with in the future.

Chloe is doing well for someone of her age. She may have some challenges with her parents but she’s on the proper track.

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