The 200th Episode Special!

The 200th Episode Special!
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Two hundred episodes!  To mark this special milestone we look back at five of the best episodes as voted by our listeners.  Here’s to two hundred more!

It’s not even been a year and we have two hundred episodes in the books.  We’ll look at some of the highlights from the past one hundred episodes.

1.  Mr Money Mustache.  MMM is a legend in the world of personal finance and you were as excited to hear the interview as we were to conduct it.  If you want the road map to retire early, very early, MMM is the go to resource.  Hint, live on half your money.

2.  The Mad Fientist: A genius when it comes to figuring out tax shelters through various investments.  This guy has it on lock down. We redeemed ourselves with some of you who were unhappy with the previous IRA episode and we were grateful for the second chance.

3. Our Twelve Financial Philosophies:  This was just Matt and Andrew discussing their twelve financial rules for success.  I like guest episodes but there is nothing like a good Matt and Andrew rant.

4.  Breaking Bad Habits with James Clear:  James laid out some simple ways to break bad habits and replace them with positive behaviors.  When you hear someone break it down to such a degree as James did, it makes breaking those habits seem so much less daunting and I think that’s why this episode really resonated.

5. How to Stop Being a Spendaholic: This hit home for a lot of you.  It’s so hard to stop spending even when you know you’re putting yourself into a hole.  Listening to how Matt was able to overcome his addiction was inspiring for many of us.

We owe every one of these two hundred episodes to our listeners, readers, and all the corespondents via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, reviews, and comments.  It’s been an honor to reach this point of the journey along with all of you.

Show Notes

Rogue Farms Pumpkin Patch Ale:  A perfect October beer.

The Mad Fientist:  Take your investing to the next level.

James Clear:  James’ site devoted to helping you build good habits.

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