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Here Are The Reasons Everyone Should Be Thrifting

I’m obsessed with thrift stores. Walking through one is like exploring a magical treasure trove. You never know what you’re going to find thrifting.

Eighty percent of my current wardrobe was bought at second hand stores. I’m not poor or cheap but I will never pay full price for anything, EVER. Although it has become more accepted in the last few years, there is still a stigma around thrift store shopping. I want to change that. This is part one of my Art of Thrifting Series.

First, I’ll need to convince you that thrifting is awesome. It’s a great way to save a ton on anything you need. Besides clothing, you can find a multitude of amazing things shopping in second-hand stores. Great home decor, supplies for your hobbies, designer bags, lightly worn vintage- you will be AMAZED at what people donate. I’m a firm believer in one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I want to make you a believer too.

Stretch Your Budgetthrifting home decor

Let’s start with the most obvious reason; everything is so freakin cheap! I’m talking ridiculously cheap. Why pay more for something brand new, when you can get the same item or something better, gently used for so much less?

Finding items marked for two bucks that were originally twenty times as much is such a great feeling. The best part is you can buy a lot more than you could otherwise afford.

Excellent Quality

Most affordable retail stores these days all sell the same clothes, and most of them are pretty shitty quality. If you’re lucky, an item might last five washes before falling apart. It’s a misconception that thrift stores are only filled with worn out crap that no one wants.

I have found brand new clothes with tags still attached and so many other things in great condition at thrift shops. If it has survived wearing/washing before ending up on a thrift store rack, it’s probably made well.

Start a Thrift Flipping Business

Thrift store flipping is finding something that is undervalued, buying it, sometimes improving it and then selling it for a profit. It can be done with home goods, antiques, clothing, vintage items or designer items.

It was always a dream of mine to open a thrift store with hand-picked high-end pieces. However, starting a brick and mortar thrift store flipping business is very risky financially. And then a friend introduced me to Poshmark and I was addicted.

Poshmark online marketplace where people all over the country can sell clothing – new and used. It was my dream come true, and I started thrift flipping clothing right away. I finally, a place to grow a business doing what I love!

Get Crafty

Break out your DIY Pinterest board. There are endless decorating projects you can make on a shoe string budget and you can find most supplies at the thrift shop. I love to sew but do not want to spend a ton on nice fabrics because I’m still in the newbie phase. I find lots of cheap textiles.

From curtains to moo moos, the stores are filled with all types of prints and fabrics. I’ve even found yarn for fifty cents a roll. Just looking around at all the random items can spark some creativity.


No More Hoarding

Once upon a time, Andrew and I lived in a 392 square foot apartment with one closet. During that time, we had a crash course in simplifying our lives. It made me better at getting rid of useless things and clutter in my life.

So, what’s my point? It’s much easier to let go of things if you’ve spent next to nothing on them. When you are spending five bucks on a shirt, you won’t feel compelled to hoard it in your closet for years to come.

The Variety

We all want to look and feel good in the clothes we wear and for many of us, it’s a form of self-expression. With all the different styles and brands available in a thrift store, you can give your wardrobe a unique look on the cheap. You can be more creative with your wardrobe without the worry of something expensive just sitting your closet. Not sure you can pull off a bright yellow dress? It’s definitely worth a shot for three bucks.

Unique Home Decor

Whether you are moving into your first apartment or just looking to upgrade a room in your house while on a tight budget, look no further then the thrift store. You can easily find really good quality furniture pieces, funky art and cool kitchenware.

Try and look beyond the intended purpose of items and think about other ways you can use them. Lots of things can be upcycled or repurposed into the swanky home decor.


Give Back

Most thrift stores support really great causes so you can feel good about all your purchases. Donations go towards helping the homeless, battered women, job training for people with disabilities, and many other causes. Spending at your local thrift store is an awesome way to help give back to your community.

Fabulous Finds

The thrift stores are filled with real vintage and authentic designer items; you just gotta dig a little! Having a few cool vintage pieces adds a little something unique to your regular, everyday wardrobe. The best part is, no one else will have them.

There are designer jeans galore most of which are not even that worn. Other pieces may be a little harder to find but they are certainly there! I recently bought an awesome dress for $12.99 and when I got home I looked up the brand. Ends up it was originally a $300 dress. Score!

 It’s Eco-Friendly

According to the U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste, Americans still throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person per year. Thrifting helps keep more out of landfills. It’s a local and sustainable form of business. By shopping at thrift stores you’re also not supporting companies that use manufacturing processes that are ruining our environment.

Bragging Rightsthirft store finds

Last, but certainly not least, bragging about your deals. My friends don’t even bother asking where I got something anymore but it always feels great when someone compliments me on an outfit that cost less than twenty bucks (bag included.)

Stay tuned for The Art of Thrifting Part II. I’ll get you prepared for your first adventure and teach you how to have a successful trip.

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