Our Favorite Financial Resources

Our Favorite Financial Resources
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We hope LMM  is your go-to place for all things personal finance but there are other resources available. We share some of our favorites.


APM Marketplace:  News on business, money, and economics.

Stacking Benjamins:  Our buddy Joe!  If you like LMM, you’ll love this podcast.  Joe was a recent guest on Episode 81.


The Simple Dollar:  Trent Ham’s guide to wiping out debt.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich:  Ramit Sethi’s book for young people at the start of their personal finance journeys.

The Richest Man in Babylon:  Personal finance taught through fables by George Clason.

Wildcat Currency:  Recent guest Professor Edward Castronova’s new book on digital currencies.

The Intelligent Investor:  Written by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett’s mentor.  Can’t get much better PF bona fides than that.

The Four Hour Work Week:  Tim Ferriss’ first book which has evolved into a wildly successful series.

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Get Rich Slowly:  We’ve interviewed founder JD Roth and writer Kristen Wong.  One of the first successful PF blogs and still a major player.

Jim Collins:  The inspirational proponent of “eff you money.”  His blog is hidden but we found it for you!

Ready for Zero:  Great friends of LMM’s.  If you’re in debt, they’ll get you out.  We spoke to Claire in Episode 42 about this invaluable service.

Financial Samurai:  Reach financial independence sooner.

Mr Money Mustache:  Early retirement through extreme frugality.


Mint:  Our favorite budgeting tool.  If you’re a beginner to PF, this is the place to start.

Betterment:  LMM’s favorite investing tool for beginners.


Maxed Out:  A documentary about predatory lending practices.

How the Economic Machine Works:  A simple thirty minute video to explain the economy.

We thought it would be fun to share some of our non personal finance related things below.

Show Notes

Quartz: A digital news site for the global economy.

The Shannara Trilogy:  Some weird elf stuff Andrew is into.

Rework:  A favorite of Matt’s about how to succeed in business.

The Sun Also Rises:  Candice’s favorite book.  Ernest Hemingway’s stunning book about a Lost Generation’s disillusionment and angst. Resonates with Millennials today.

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