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Money Mindfulness with Thomas Frank from College Info Geek


 Thomas Frank from College Geek Info joins us to discuss mindfulness and how it relates to our life goals whether they are financial or adventure related.

Mindfulness doesn’t always mean chanting and charkas. It can also mean being mindful of what is valuable to you. Securing a new apartment. Buying an airline ticket. When is the best time to start the process?

It’s not always easy to be mindful on your own but there are tools you can use to help kept you on track. And these tools can help to keep you accountable by incorporating dates by which you should have accomplished these things.

Are you a chronic procrastinator? What is your lag time? If you’re always late whether it’s late to a class or late in getting the cheapest airfare, double your estimate.

I have a car. Cars are teleportation right?

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How can I do this better? Maybe you just slide by at the last minute when it comes to arriving at a meeting or getting an assignment in on time. You’re not late but you could be early thereby saving yourself a lot of stress and aggravation. You’re doing okay, but find the tools that could help you to do better.

You took our advice and booked your plane ticket four months rather than four weeks out and saved $300. Now you’ve learned and this behavior will become a habit.

Mindfulness can also help you to accomplish your “bucket list.” It’s great to write down that you want to jump out of an airplane but what tools can you use to make this goal actionable? There are tools to keep you accountable.

I think about thinking of nothing.

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No one has to track their goals via a crumpled piece of paper in their wallet. There are tools available to help you track your progress in a meaningful way and keep you accountable.

Show Notes

Thomas’s rock star web site to help you get the most out of your college years and beyond.

Lift App: An easy way to make a good practice a habit. A guided meditation site.

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