The Money Matters Manifesto

Updated on March 27, 2020 Updated on March 27, 2020
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The Money Matters Manifesto: With responsibility comes great wealth. Trick yourself into saving.
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The Money Matters Manifesto is a collection of phrases we live by and believe in here. We don’t sugar coat that managing your money will be easy at first, but we promise it gets better the more time you spend with you finances.

If you want to become better at managing your money, I suggest you bookmark this page and review the graphic every time you’re starting to feel overwhelmed or stressed out about money. It’s not something you should ever stress about. Plus, I can tell you from my own personal experience that gaining control of your finances is the best therapy you’ll ever get, and it’s free. In fact, it’s makes you money.

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Here are some more words of wisdom to manage your money by:

  • Live like a pauper with a ton of cash, not like a king going broke.
  • Sell shit you never use, then put that money in your savings account.
  • Invest like you’re gonna live forever.
  • Debt is your financial kryptonite.
  • Retire Before You’re 65.
  • If cash is king, then you need to be God.
Matt Giovanisci - Podcast Co-Host
Hey, I’m Matt (Gio), a swimming pool and coffee blogger. I used to be terrible with money until Andrew helped me out. Now, I'm a financial big whig... sort of.

I live South Jersey (actually, I just refer to it as Philadelphia). Follow me on Twitter and we can chat about pools, beer or internet marketing.

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