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Updated on March 21, 2020 Updated on March 21, 2020
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Tony Stubblebine
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Tony Stubblebine, CEO of  discusses how his habit building app can help us build good habits be they financial or another realm of our lives.

If you give people control over their finances, who knows what they could go on to do.

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Tony has a long background in tech startups.  We was the head of engineering when the first version of Twitter was built and was involved in the site  Wesabe which was a precursor of Mint.

Tony is now the CEO of Lift which is a habit building app and a support system for over 200,000 goals including saving money, improving diet, and meditation.  Tony likes to call it “a personal coach that lives on your phone.”  He was inspired by the level of support he saw as a guest at a Twelve Step meeting and thought if we could have that level of support for the smaller goals in life, we could make succeeding so much easier.

Like a lot of apps, Lift is free so how will they eventually make money?  The plan is to charge a fee for higher levels of coaching involving one on one interaction with one of Lift’s experts.

Habit is another word for consistency.

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What are some of Tony’s success building habits?  Rather than looking at a to do list,he actually blocks out time to accomplish the list.  This adds a level of accountability to an easily ignored list.  Tony likes to keep it simple.  You don’t need an elaborate scheme cooked up by a bunch of un-touchables living in their parent’s basement to ask a girl out.  You need, a job, clean clothes, and the ability to look her in the eye.  That’s it, the old K.I.S.S. method works whether you are scoping chicks or saving money.

What’s Tony up to next?  Lift is adding a Q&A function. The community is one of the friendliest and most helpful on the internet.  We encourage you to join Lift to find some support for your goals, ever how big or small they may be!

Show Notes

Lift:  The habit building app co-founded by Tony.

How to Meditate with Lift: Start meditating everyday with Lift.

The Quantified Diet Project: The diet project that Matt and Tony talk about at the beginning of the episode.

Tony’s TwitterConnect with Tony here!

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