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Money Day Monday

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  1.  Show Notes
Table of Contents  
  1.  Show Notes


It’s key to have a day set aside to check in on your financial situation.  We hereby declare a Monday as “Money Day Monday” because Matt likes alliteration.

Some companies will allow you to choose the day your payment is due.  If you can group as many bills as possible together, it streamlines your bill paying and finance management system.

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You probably have certain days of the week devoted to certain chores, food shopping on Saturday, cleaning on Sunday, laundry on Monday.  Your money “chores” should be similarly organized.  It helps make it a habit and we’ve talked before about how important it is to build good money habits.

Make a check list of tasks for your money day.  Pay bills, check where you are with your budgets for the month, look around for a better deal on your cell phone, car insurance, and credit cards.  Ask those credit card bastards to lower your interest rate or raise your limit. Make sure your Mint categories are on point.

You want your money day to fly by? Stop spending money.

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Check for possibly fraudulent charges on your credit and debit cards.  Some big retailer or bank is getting hacked on a nearly weekly basis so chances are good that you will eventually be hit.

Plan out some long term goals.  If you want to take a vacation, start pricing it out now and figure out how much money you need to set aside each week to pay for it.  The holidays are coming too so now is a good time to start planning for those expenses.

Once Money Matters Monday becomes a habit, it will be easy to track everything.

 Show Notes

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