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An Interview with Mark Deal of Foreign Investor Resource Group

An Interview with Mark Deal of Foreign Investor Resource Group
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We interview Mark Deal who founded a company that connects overseas investors with Americans who want to start businesses and create new jobs.

Marks is a former Navy nuke with an MBA.  He founded Foreign Investor Resource Group to facilitate relationships with international investors and American entrepreneurs.

Investing a certain amount of money in a US company will buy you American citizenship.  So like everything else in America, citizenship is up for sale too.  Investors must bring over $1 million and create ten US jobs.

Twenty one months after the investment, Mark’s company has to show proof that ten US jobs have been created through the foreign investment.  You could be an existing business looking for new investors as well, it doesn’t have to be a start up.

Mark went from a six figure salary with benefits to starting his own company which was a big leap.  From his clients he has learned to look at money strategically, not tactically.  And he uses Mint!  He gave up Excel for Mint.  There is hope for the rest of you spread sheet nerds yet.

So if any of you have an idea for a business or an existing business and are looking for an infusion of cash, there are lots of rich foreign investors out there hungry for American citizenship so they can buy up condos in Manhattan.

Show Notes

Foreign Investor Resource Group:  Mark’s company

Mint:  An unsolicited recommendation!

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