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instavest review saleem khatri

Instavest Review: Replicating the World’s Best Investments with CEO Saleem Khatri

Today we’re joined by Saleem Khatri, CEO of Instavest. A new platform to let others know why you invest so they can get in on the action too.

Instavest allows you to describe why you invested the way you did so others can mirror what you did and you get a portion of the profits.

Saleem has been investing for about fifteen years. He would recommend investments to his friends. Investments that were so successful, people started asking him to manage their money full time.

Not wanting to get into that game, he looked for places where people made recommendations. There were a few but he felt they were mostly spam. He wanted a site where only people who had actually made those investments could post. And Instavest was born.

Each post is moderated and reviewed to make sure that they are accurate in their numbers and information. The posts aren’t pages long. No one wants to wade through all that. They are short and to the point.

You can invest directly through Instavest. Well, if you’re perfectly happy over at Vanguard, why should you invest via Instavest? Because if people copy your trade and make money, they can voluntarily give you part of their profit! On average, initial investors are getting 12% of subsequent investor’s profits. For doing nothing!

Instavest provides a leader board. This gets your name out there, more people follow you, and you make more money because of it.

The trades at Instavest are just $3.49. This money goes to the broker dealer, none of it to the company. The company makes money via new accounts and takes 20% of the donations given to the initial investors.

On Instavest you can be someone's investment groupie.

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The minimum to join the platform is $500. We at LMM recommend things like Betterment, for set it and forget it investing. That doesn’t mean Instavest is a bad thing. It can be a good place for 10-15% of your portfolio where you’d like to get a little higher rate of return.

Show Notes

Morimoto Imperial Pilsner Rogue Ales: The Iron Chef beer!

Y Combinator: A VC boot camp.

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Instavest Leader Board: See who you should follow.

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10 responses to “Instavest Review: Replicating the World’s Best Investments with CEO Saleem Khatri”

  1. Saleem S. Khatri says:

    Thanks guys – had a wonderful time doing this podcast! Folks, if you have questions please fire away!

    • Noe Flores says:

      Saleem, quick question. I see a fee for something called Automated Customer Account Transfer. This fee is on Tradier’s website. Would this apply through Instavest and would it apply for withdrawals?

      • Instavest, Inc. says:

        Hi Noe! Thanks for your question! An ACAT occurs when you transfer assets from another institution. Typically your existing institution would charge you to do that transfer. However if you were simply opening a new account with Instavest (or Tradier) there would be no fees to open or close the account. Tradier may charge a fee to conduct a ACAT, however (transfer to another institution).

  2. Andrew says:

    Did you guys end up with a referral code?

  3. bythedog says:

    Great questions. And although Instavest isn’t for me, I thought Saleem gave very good answers to those questions.

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