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Inside LearnVest with Alexa Von Tobel

Inside LearnVest with Alexa Von Tobel
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LearnVest is Turbo Tax meets financial planner.  The founder and CEO tells us what they do and why they are the fastest growing financial company in the US.

LearnVest will help you create a step by step financial plan right from the comfort of your own home.  We interview Alexa von Tobel to find out how the company works and if it might be right for you.

Alexa started the company five years ago after dropping out of Harvard Business School.  It began as a simple newsletter.  It’s morphed into a subscription based business that gives you access to a personal financial planner.  The cost is $299 to join and $19 a month. LearnVest does not sell any products, only their services.

LearnVest believes in three steps to financial security, covering the basics, wealth building, and investing.  Many people jump straight to investing which can be a dangerous thing.

It takes about twenty minutes to build your account.  You will fill out a profile so the planner has a sense of where you are currently and where you would like to be. LearnVest is open from 7:00 am to midnight seven days a week.

They will build a step by step plan for you to help you reach your goals. You are all special snow flakes to me but when it comes to finance, we’re all pretty similar with the same problems and the same goals.  So don’t worry if you think your situation is too complicated to handle through LearnVest.  They’ve seen it ten times already that day.

LearnVest has some free tools and advice too.  To set up an account where you can track your money is free, they have free apps and when you set up the account you will get a free 15 minute “health check” call with an adviser.  You can also use the promo code Listen50 to get a $50 credit on your account.

At LMM we advocate being your own financial planner.  It takes some time and research but you can do it.  However, if you aren’t willing to put in the time or simply don’t have it, LearnVest will be helpful to you.

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LearnVest: America’s fastest growing financial planning company.

Ommegang Three Philosophers:  A Belgian style blend.


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