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Inside Final Card with Matt Rothstein

Inside Final Card with Matt Rothstein
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Matt Rothstein of Get Final will discuss a new kind of credit card for the 21st Century designed to be a consumer ally rather than a consumer predator.

The card will go Beta soon with a wait list of over 30,000 people.  It’s a physical credit card that assigns a different number to each merchant, giving you more control over your account.

And it’s chip and pin, at last!  There is still a magnetic stripe because not all retailers are set up for chip and pin yet.

You can assign a dollar amount limit to each merchant.  So if your gym charges $100 a month, no more can be charged.  This way if there is a data breech, not only can the charge not exceed your limit, but it can’t be used at any other merchant.  The transaction would automatically decline.

Because you are setting a dollar limit, this can also be a helpful budgeting tool.

Final was founded due to data breaches the founders suffered.  They realized credit cards haven’t changed for decades and wanted to design a credit card for the internet age.  Banks and credit card companies are terrible at communicating vital information such as cutting off your card while you’re on vacation abroad.

Final plans to start a rewards program soon, most likely a cash back system.  So many of the really good rewards are only available with type tier cards and Final would like to make rewards more democratic.

What drives business is not always what drives people.

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Final expects to go live around mid 2015 in Beta. Final want your feedback.  E-mail at [email protected] and let them know what you want and don’t want in a credit card.

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Betterment:  The smart way to invest.  Get up to six months free.

Get Final:  A credit card for the 21st Century.

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