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Habits and Thomas’ Ridiculous Morning Routine

Your morning routine can make or break your day. It can set you up for a good mood and good productivity or send you screaming back under the covers.

Not all of us are morning people.  But you don’t have to be one in order to organize a routine that will set you up for a productive day.

Thomas is a freak who starts his day at 5:50 and finishes thirteen habits practically before the sun comes up.  He wasn’t born that way which means any of us could do the same.  It’s a routine that has evolved over time.

How does Thomas get up so early?  He has monetized sleeping in.  If he doesn’t get up, he stands to lose $30.  Not worth it.

These don’t all have to be monumental habits.  It can be something as simple as taking your vitamins every morning.  Or just getting up fifteen minutes earlier so you can relax into your day rather than rushing around all flustered.

They don’t have to number into the teens either.  Start small.  Wake up early and drink a cup of warm water with the juice of half a lemon in it.  Lemon water is crazy good for you and is a small, easy thing that will make a big difference.

If I sleep past 8:00, I feel like I've wasted the day.

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We have a series of podcasts and articles that list some great productivity apps.  There is nothing wrong with having a little help and prompting until the things you want to get done become habits.

Remember, start small but keep at it.  Once you become a morning person with good habits, you will notice lots of positive changes in your life.

Show Notes

Buffer:  A social media scheduling tool.

Dogfish Head World Wide Stout:  A dark, roasty ale.

HabitRPG:  A super geeky way to help you build habits.

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7 responses to “Habits and Thomas’ Ridiculous Morning Routine”

  1. rpatts says:

    I tweeted this to Tom as well, but y’all should really try egg in the basket with sourdough bread and a piece of Canadian bacon under the egg. Makes it 10x more delicious. And the egg should be runny, always. :)

  2. bythedog says:

    Great show, guys, but you sometimes ramble a bit and I don’t listen with a pen and paper by my side. Can someone provide a list of suggestions for what to put in a morning routine that I can look up easily without having to listen to the podcast again? Just something like ‘meditate, journal, 7 minute workout, etc.’ listed in one place would be a great resource. Thanks!

    • Thomas Frank says:

      Sure thing. I think you should start with only a few habits – I had to start with simply waking up and drinking water. After I proved that I could do it, I gradually added more.

      Here’s my exact morning routine today:

      – Wake up at 5:50
      – Brush my teeth
      – Take vitamins
      – Drink 12 oz of water
      – Reschedule my Buffered tweet
      – Check the CIG HabitRPG guild
      – Plan my day on my whiteboard (if I didn’t do it the night before)
      – Check my calendar
      – Meditate for 3 minutes
      – Do the 7-minute workout (I use the iPhone app to guide me)
      – Go for a walk and listen to a podcast
      – Make and eat breakfast
      – Read for at least 15 minutes and take brief notes

      I use HabitRPG to track the morning routine and to make sure I don’t derail.

      Here’s an article I wrote on my routine with a lot more detail – hope this helps!

  3. Holy cow! Thank you so much for the Beeminder discussion! You’re clearly a Beeminder power user — you know all the ins and outs of it, which is no mean feat. PS: Link is (thanks again for the plug!) PPS: Here’s Thomas Frank’s post about the wake-up system using Buffer and IFTTT and Beeminder:

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