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Growing Income with the Success Triangle

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The life success triangle has three parts, learning, value creation, and relationship building.  We’ll see how they fit together to help you make money.

Thomas came up with this concept for college students and it was the Student Success Triangle.  But it can be applied to your post-college life as well.

All three points of the triangle are equally important and support each other.


Learning doesn’t stop after your formal education.  No matter what field you’re in, things are evolving and you need to keep up to move ahead.  Reading trade magazines, attending conferences, reading books.  Always be learning.

Don’t bog down forever on this point though.  Create while you’re learning.  You can tweak your creation as you learn but some people learn and learn and never actually make the leap to doing. 

Value Creation

You take what you learn and use it to create value that people want. Keep creating good work and it will increase the amount of money you can command for that work.

You might not always get more money for this step immediately.  Being willing to take on extra work or the crap work no one else wants might not get you a raise or promotion right away but it will get you noticed.

Relationship Building

No person is an island.  The bigger your circle, the wider your reach.  The wider your reach, the bigger your audience for the value you create.

Have clearly defined goals that you apply the triangle to.  Making a million dollars is not well defined.  Make it by when, age 40, before you retire?  Being specific gives you land marks to judge your progress by.

Make sure how much time you spend on a certain task has a commiserate payoff.  If you spend six hours a day Tweeting, that’s a lot of time.  What was the benefit of that?  Could you have strengthened your triangle more by spending five of those hours doing something else?

You may not have what someone else has but that doesn't stop you from progressing your goals.

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You have to spend time on each of the points in order for them to all work together properly.  Do that and you will have built a pyramid that will never topple.

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Show Notes

CIG:  Thomas’s original post.

Betterment:  The smart way to invest.

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