Finishing What You Start: The Importance of Seeing Things Through

Finishing What You Start: The Importance of Seeing Things Through
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Starting a new thing is exciting.  But some of us quickly lose our initial enthusiasm.  We’ll discuss how to see things through to the end.

College is a good example of something you should finish once started.  Maybe you won’t use your particular degree, but it does show to an employer that you saw something through to completion.

Remember the Warren Buffett quote, “Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy.”  That is finishing something.  Leave the money in the market when it’s tanking, maybe even put more money in.

Success is the meeting of preparation and opportunity.

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What does make you stick with something?  Sometimes it’s the time and money you invested in it.  Sometimes it’s because there are already so many tombstones in your idea graveyard and you can’t stand the thought of adding another.

Debt is an area where a lot of people give up.  You’re making progress and then disaster strikes, you have an emergency expense or maybe have to miss work due to an illness.  Suddenly overwhelmed, you give up.  You know what happens next.  The debt continues to grow and now you’re even further behind.

It’s easy to keep moving forward when everything is going well.  You need a plan in place for when things go to shit.  So if you miss work and lose money, you might reach out to something like Ready For Zero to help you continue to pay down the debt.

Having a way to relieve stress is important to helping you finish things.  When you’re overwhelmed, go for a run, read a book, listen to music.  Whatever it is you do to blow off steam.  Once you are in a calmer state, you can pick up your project again.

There is always something to pull you from what you should be doing.  But the bigger that graveyard of failures gets, the more regrets you’ll have.  People rarely regret finishing something even if it doesn’t quite work out as they had hoped.

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