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Quit Trying to Find Your Passion Already

Quit Trying to Find Your Passion Already
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Finding your passion has become a hackneyed cliche but there is some merit in doing so, we just have to think of a less Oprah way of phrasing it.

People say it as if it’s something easy to do.  What if you’re passionate about sitting around smoking weed all day?  How do you parlay that into income?  You don’t.  What it really means is to figure out what you like to do that can also generate income and do that to make money.

It doesn’t have to make you a lot of money, not in the beginning, maybe not ever.  But being able to spend a part of your time doing something you really love to do is a big part of being happy in your life.

Matt loves music and has even toured with his band.  But music super stardom wasn’t meant to be for him.  It doesn’t mean he can’t incorporate that love into other areas of his life.  For example, he created a music video for LMM and recently created one for a podcasting conference.  

80% of any job is shoveling shit.

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Maybe your passion won’t ever make you money. Or maybe you’re afraid that by turning it into a career, you might come to hate it.  Cooking a big meal for friends and family is fun.  Cooking in a Michelin starred restaurant is pressure.

So you won’t be cashing the Jean Georges paycheck with the bountiful amount of zeros but seeing people you love enjoy your food is a reward too.  It doesn’t always have to be about the money.

If you can’t name a passion, write down a few things you’re interested in.  And try them out.  Maybe you won’t like them all but you’re bound to find something that makes the time fly by.  The important thing is to keep searching when finding your passion.  A lot can happen in a life, especially nothing.

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