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Now's your chance.

Make meaningful improvements to your finances every week.


Debt and Networking with John Corcoran from Smart Business Revolution


 John Corcoran from Smart Business Revolution is a networking expert.  He tells us why networking is important and how he paid off $600,000 in debt.

Between 2006-2010 John racked up over half a million dollars in debt mostly through equity lines of credit. He was working during that period which is why he was able to get so much credit but he went back to law school and incurred $129,000 in student loan debt.

He graduated law school at the worst time to find work as an attorney and worked a series of jobs for small firms.  During this time he wasn’t making enough to tackle the debt mountain.  It wasn’t until he started his own firm that he could start to make some progress. In 2010 he sold his rental property and a year and a half later sold his condo, it wasn’t a great time to sell but it enabled him to clear most of the debt.  Not everyone has property to see in order to pay off debt but not everyone accumulated that debt by taking out huge lines of credit.

John has always enjoyed writing and has always been good at developing relationships.  He married these things together and started Smart Business Revolution to teach others how to build relationships that will help further your career.  Sadly, he confirms that it’s more whom you know than what you know.  It’s not fair but you know it so growing your network is important.

What you have to offer others doesn’t always have to be related to your industry.  You probably aren’t going to give Mark Cuban business advice but you might be able to tell him about a great new restaurant.  Find commonality with the person you are trying to build a relationship with.  Try just having a normal human conversation.

Keep it personal stupid.

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Check out John’s article on how he paid off his debt and his website and podcast to help you build your business relationships.

 Show Notes

Blue Moon:  A Belgian white that a party guest left a lot of at Andrew’s house.

Yards Extra Special Ale:  An English style ale.

Anchor Steam Beer:  Finally, a West Coast beer on the show!

Smart Business Revolution/moneymatters:  As a special gift to our listeners, follow this link to download John’s book about how to network in order to make more money.  Thanks John!

Smart Business Revolution Podcast:  We already know you like podcast so check out John’s.

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  • Thanks guys! I had a great time on the show.

    • John, it was a killer interview, thanks for educating us on how to connect with Bill Clinton!

  • Grace Villafuerte

    Great show with John Corcoran – loved how they paid down debt without complaints or blame, and just hunkered down and did it. I also appreciate the work he’s done and found his networking tips useful. I’ve found the book The AAA Way to Fundraising Success helpful in learning to build relationships when I’ve had to raise money as a board member and as a social worker. Most people donate money or help out based on who’s asking, or what relationships an organization may have, more so than what the actual charity might be. Hope to learn more from John! Kudos to his debt recovery!

    • I’m sure we’ll hear from John again – it was an excellent interview. I especially need to improve my networking skills so we may need to do a deep dive on this.

      I definitely agree that his non-complainypants approach is refreshing. Shit happens and there’s no need to waste time sulking because there is work to be done!

  • Grace Villafuerte

    And shout out to TWO Sonoma County brews! And the first time Lagunitas was finally pronounced correctly on the podcast! :)

    • AAAND he pronounced it correctly ;)

      • Yeah, Lah-gooo-KNEE-tuhs! They have the pronunciation written out on some of their cases. Not that I would know what their cases look like…