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Combating Complacency with Grant Peelle

Combating Complacency with Grant Peelle
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Ever feel that you’re just kind of stuck, just total complacency?  Grant Peelle made a documentary about people who felt that way and did something about it.

Grant Peelle is a documentary filmmaker.  His film I’m Fine, Thanks documented the lives of people who got fed up with being in a rut and what they did to change it.

Grant found himself feeling complacent.  Life wasn’t terrible, he didn’t hate his job.  But something was missing.  Life was routine, filled with consumption.  He longed to do a film.

The idea for the film was hashed out in a weekend.  They raised private money before doing a Kick Starter campaign once some footage was filmed.

The theme of the film is why do we trade our dreams for a scripted life?  Grant interviewed people who broke free from that and people who were still immersed in that life but working on breaking out.

It doesn’t explain how, it explains why.  That’s the nature of the story Grant wanted to tell.  The biggest lesson from the film is that you’re not alone in your fear.  Many of us feel a vague dissatisfaction but we’re afraid to make the leap into the unknown.

But there is a whole community of people who share your fear, did it anyway and can help smooth your path.  Whatever you want to do, the internet has a community for you.  If Bronies can find each other, people who want to quit their 9-5 can too.

I’m Fine, Thanks is an extraordinary film.  If you need a bit of uplifting or a bit of encouragement, this is the film for you.

Show Notes

I’m Fine, Thanks:  Grant’s documentary about complacency and what to do about it.

#Standwithme:  Grant’s documentary about knowing where your products come from.

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