103: Surviving the Holidays

This is part of the Living Cheap Without Being Cheap course.

Living Cheap Without Being Cheap

The holidays are an awesome time where you get to hang out with the people you care about most. It’s also usually the most expensive time of the year. We believe you should be able to enjoy the holidays without spending a fortune and stressing over money.

Check out strategies for less on gifts and more on the thought that goes into them.

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Lesson 1: Save Money This Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us and if you're of a certain age, the invites are coming fast and furious. Celebrate with your loved ones without going broke.

Lesson 2: Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Save You Money

You can spend big bucks impressing your special someone on Valentine's Day or you can use my bootleg methods to save some cash while still getting some. These are Valentine's Day ideas that will save you money.

Lesson 3: Shopping On Black Friday

Shopping on Black Friday has become a uniquely American institution. Find out how and when to get the best deals without being trampled to death.

Lesson 4: How To Save Money on Christmas Gifts

Now that we've crossed the Halloween threshold, the Christmas season is fast upon us. Here are a few ways to save money on Christmas gifts.

Lesson 5: How to Budget for Special Occasions

Whether it's a holiday, a birthday or an anniversary, we all have special days to celebrate. Find out how to do it up without spending too much.

Lesson 6: 16 Tips For Hosting a Thrifty Thanksgiving

Here are a few money-saving tips when planning and hosting Thanksgiving. Since I'm not the wealthiest dude, I found some really great ways to save cash.

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