102: How to Travel for Cheap

This is part of the Living Cheap Without Being Cheap course.

Living Cheap Without Being Cheap

Travel does cost money but it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many new ways to find cheap accommodations, low airfare and reasonably priced (or free) tours. It has become so much easier to travel on budget these days because there are so many tools that can help you save money. .

If you are strapped for cash and feel that you can’t fulfill your dreams of being a world traveller we want to help you. This course will give you ideas and the tools you need to plan awesome trips and stretch your travel dollars.

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Lesson 1: Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

Nothing ruins a trip faster than being pick pocketed, scammed or having a card number stolen. Take a few simple steps to protect your money when traveling.

Lesson 2: Ways To Save Money When You Are On Vacation

It's hard sticking to a budget day to day and even more so while relaxing on vacation. Don't leave your budget behind when jetting off.

Lesson 3: Finding Cheap Flights with Nathaniel Boyle

Wish you could travel more but think it's too expensive? Nathaniel Boyle has devoted his life to travel and will teach us how to do it on the cheap.

Lesson 4: Travel Across America for Free with Rob Greenfield

Rob Greenfield is an adventurer and environmentalist who's mission is to teach people to be happier with less and to make yourself and the earth happier.

Lesson 5: The Smartest And Cheapest Ways To Travel

You can spend your money on expensive clothes and cars and gadgets, but you won’t even remember those things in ten years, never mind still own them. When you look back at your life, it’s the experiences you paid for that you will remember fondly, not the things you bought. By following these simple tips, you can expand your outlook on the world while not emptying your wallet.

Lesson 6: Travel Hacking Tips with Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts

Travis Sherry teaches us how to travel without spending a lot by going to cheaper destinations, scoring the best flight prices, and alternatives to hotels.

Lesson 7: Traveling Abroad with Andy Steves

Travel expert Andy Steves teaches us how to travel abroad affordably while having an authentic experience.

Lesson 8: How I Save a Ton on Travel Expenses

Why should you overpay for your vacation? I save a ton on travel and there is no reason you can't too. It's easy and the tools are free, come learn more!

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