Better Know A Millionaire with Brenton Hayden

Better Know A Millionaire with Brenton Hayden
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In our on-going millionaire series we interview Brenton Hayden to learn how he retired at 27, how he manages his money now, and what he does now that he’s not in an office everyday.

Brenton started his career working in grocery stores where he met people who worked for the Kellogg company.  He went from making $14 an hour to $100,000 a year.  After a lay off he wanted to keep making the same money and found that real estate was the way to do that for a young person.

Brenton started out as a real estate agent.  He was making great numbers when one day his mentor called him into his office and fired him.  But not for the usual reasons but because his boss felt he should use his entrepreneurial drive to start his own business.  While working in real estate Brenton found a gap in the market.  His clients were desperate for someone to help them rent and manage their properties.  At age 21 Brenton started Renter’s Warehouse which is now the second largest professional landlord in the country.

Brenton didn’t take the traditional college path.  As his company grew, it was outpacing his experience.  He took some classes at MIT and Harvard which taught him what he felt he was missing.  He didn’t spend years in school, but dipped in and out so he could fill in the gaps in his knowledge and experience, a very interesting approach that could benefit a lot of people, particularly entrepreneurs.

Brenton promised himself he would retire at 27.  Like a lot of people though he got caught up in running his business.  Until he went on vacation.  While away for two weeks with his wife, he was sneaking around checking e-mails and got busted by his wife.  She reminded him of his promise and he retired soon after.

How does Brenton manage his money?  He spends some time day trading and largely manages his money himself.  He reinforces some things we’ve discussed on LMM.  Brenton doesn’t use a financial adviser and doesn’t feel they’re necessary.  He also monitors the news always looking  for a good opportunity to “be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy.

Before retiring, I pre-paid the rest of my life.

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What does he do with his time now that he’s not working 15 hour days?  Prepare to be jealous and inspired.  Brenton had just built a race car and is going to start amateur racing.  He and his wife also travel extensively, about every seven weeks.  He recently parachuted from Machu Picchu.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  Sure beats retiring at 65 and spending your days on the golf course.

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