Better Know a Millionaire with Jordan Harbinger from Art of Charm

Better Know a Millionaire with Jordan Harbinger from Art of Charm
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Today we get to know millionaire Jordan Harbinger of Art of Charm where ordinary guys become extraordinary gentlemen.

In our on-going effort to break the social taboo of talking about money, we continue our Better Know a Millionaire series.  If you didn’t know how to cook, you would ask a chef.  If you don’t know hot to get rich, you ask a millionaire.

Jordan was a Wall St attorney and saw how people made money and how companies wasted it.  He knew if he ever started his own business, he would not be wasteful.  He founded The Art of Charm podcast with a friend in a basement, learned how to sell it and now it’s a multi-million dollar business.

I have a Toyota Camry, I'm sensible baby.

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Jordan drives a Ford Fusion not an Escalade.  He spends his money on self improvement, he invests in himself.  Speaking classes, broadcasting training, high end networking conferences.  He invests a few thousand dollars a month in mutual funds and has an IRA but doesn’t day trade.

Something our young millionaires have in common is caring more about their business than their wealth.  Jordan reinvests most of his money back into the business and would gladly take a 50% pay cut if it would help his company.

So what is The Art of Charm?  It’s a live academy that trains people to win friends, earn respect, and get girls. It’s not just information, we all have access to more information than we could ever possibly digest.  The academy provides real world training to improve social interactions.  And it’s not just some smarmy attempt to get skeezers laid, it’s training that can impact all areas of your life.

If you could do with a little more confidence in any area of you life, check out The Art of Charm website and podcast.

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Brew Dog Cocoa Psycho:  a stout with flavors of chocolate, vanilla and coffee.

Southern Tier Imperial Pumpkin:  Pumpkin flavored ale.


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