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Just like produce, a lot of what you buy has a season.  If you know what’s “in season” you can save a lot of money.  We’ll find out when to buy what.

Kitchen Appliances:  According to Money Crashers, September and October because that’s when new models come out.  Last year’s version will be reduced.  This point will be a recurring theme in the episode.  And it’s not like from year to year there are great innovations in refrigerators.  Getting last year’s model doesn’t mean you won’t have the new fridge that makes you toast or anything.  You aren’t missing much but overpaying.

Automobiles:  From Auto Trader, the end of each year and the end of every day.  Sales people are hustling to get that last sale in before the numbers come out so they’re more flexible.  Also late summer/early fall when the new models come out.

Computers:  PC World suggests buying around the holidays and back to school time.

Gaming Systems:  Since everyone wants these as holiday presents, lifehacker suggests January.  Your disappointed kid will hate you but you have more to add to his college fund!

Airline Tickets:  There are a lot of theories about this, buy on Tuesdays, buy last minute, but CheapAir ran the numbers and found that buying fifty four days before the trip is optimal.  They monitored four million trips to cull this data!

Concert or Event Tickets:  Thanks to lifehacker again, see movies during the day, for things like concerts or sporting events, the closer to the date the better to go on Craigslist to find people who really need to unload them.

Televisions:  From Popular Mechanics, the usual suspects, holidays, January, but interestingly, March.  Know why?  Andrew and Matt hate sports but I’m a fan so  March Madness Baby!   July also because sales are typically slow.

Furniture:  According to Go Simple Finance,  January and July.  New furniture is released in February and August.  No one knew that but LMM found out for you!

Engagement Ring:  US News tells us when not to buy, between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.  Unlike most of our other examples, rings are not cheaper when everyone is buying them.

Gas:  According to Time Magazine, Wednesday morning.  Station owners price check each other between 8-10 am.  If competitors are increasing prices, owners will raise their own between 10-12.  Weird, but that’s Time’s take on it.

House:  From, for more choices, April-July because that’s when a lot of homes are being listed.  If you want the lowest price, between Thanksgiving and the New Year.  No one wants to move in the winter so that makes sense.

Tires:  From, October.  Tire retailers want you to buy just before winter sets in.

Mattress:  HuffPo recommends avoiding April because there are no holidays!  Mattresses are always on sale during any holiday you can think of.  If you leave near a Sleepy’s you’ll know this because they run the commercials constantly.

Clothes:  Leave it to two guys to put the most important one last, jeez.  WhoWhatWear gives a handy breakdown of when to buy  a variety of clothes and accessories according to each month.  Suits in January, jewelry, in February, luggage in March for example.

Most of these things are not emergency purchases so wait a bit and get the best deal you can.

Show Notes

Allegro French Roast Coffee:  A Twitter recomendation, Whole Foods brand of organic coffee.

Betterment:  Our favorite investing tool.

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