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Table of Contents  
  1. Show Notes
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Do you love clothes?  Maybe you hate them, or at least spending money on them.  But quality over quantity matters a lot when it comes to clothes.

You can’t walk around naked, not even in NYC, though women have the same right to go topless that men have here.  But is your closet full of clothes that you don’t wear, that are of such low quality they shred after a few washes?  Do a closet cleanse and repopulate your closet with a few quality, classic pieces that will last for years.

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We spoke to Baron Cuadro of the Effortless Gent in Episode 87.  He advocates the lean wardrobe, a few quality basics that will serve as the foundation of your wardrobe.  Once you have these staples in place, you can add cheaper bits and pieces to build extend your wardrobe.

Buying versatile pieces is key.  A dress shirt with a tropical fish pattern is not only ghastly but probably won’t work with much else you have.  A classic white button down will go with literally anything.

A really cool statement piece like a wooden watch is something that not everyone else will have and a nice conversation starter.  While we’re on the subject of things everyone wears, as a woman can I ask you men as gently as I can to STOP wearing a blue button down shirt and khakis?  Please?  Gawd, I see that clone uniform everywhere and it is boring.  Just feel like that needs to be said.

It's not a time piece. it's a conversation piece.

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If you’re stuck in a rut, take a friend or family member with you.  They might suggest an item that you would never choose on your own but looks great on you.  The dress that I get the most compliments on is one a friend chose for me.  Otherwise I would have bought my thirty seventh little black sleeveless Jackie O dress with differences only detectable to me.

Take care of your stuff!  Get a good leather conditioner and use it to treat your shoes and bags.  They will last longer and look better.  Put crumpled up newspaper in your shoes at the end of the day to eliminate odors.  The psychology is great, if you spend a bit more money on an item, you will not think of it as “disposable” and take better care of it.

Having less things that cost more and last longer saves you money and not just on the initial purchase.  A well integrated wardrobe allows you to pack less, it takes up more room, physically and psychologically, and it’s less to move when you change house.

So do a closet purge and start rebuilding a quality wardrobe.  Don’t forget to donate the old items to do a bit of good and maybe get a little tax break.  Share your go-to wardrobe items in the comments.

Show Notes

Imperial Pumpkin:  Fall is almost here and that means pumpkin beer!

Effortless Gent: We interviewed its founder Barron Cuadro about dressing nice for the price on episode 87. A great website for men looking to dress nice and have a lean wardrobe like Matt.

Reddit Buy it For Life:  If you’re looking to spend money on a quality item, check this out.  They discuss everything from clothes to cookware.

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