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Table of Contents
  1.  Show Notes
Table of Contents  
  1.  Show Notes

Beer hurting your bottom line?  We talk to two home brewers who will teach us a new hobby that incorporates saving money and catching a buzz, the perfecta!

Gilad Nachmani from Small Space Home Brewer and James Spencer from Basic Brewing Radio join us to discuss the art of brewing at home.

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Brewing your own beer can be a great hobby.  But if it’s your first time, start small.  Don’t go out and buy every piece of equipment you could possibly ever need.  Try a beer in a bag kit to see how you like it.  if it’s something you find enjoyable, then you can start accumulating all the specialized kit.

Just brew a six pack of anything new to see if you like the taste.  If you don’t or it comes out wrong, you haven’t wasted a keg’s worth of beer on your experiment.

Home brewed beer makes for great gifts and the holidays are not too far away.  People love home brewed beer and it will be much more interesting and thoughtful than picking up a six pack of Miller Lite from the gas station on your way to the party.  A little class please.

Winter is coming and there won’t be anymore boozy backyard barbecues so take the fun indoors.  Invite some friends over, order a pizza, put the game on and try your hand at home brewing.  Sounds like the perfect way to spend a cozy evening to me!

 Show Notes

Rogue Farms Pumpkin Patch Ale:  October is time for pumpkin beer.

Small Space Home Brewing:  Gilad’s site for the small batch brewer.

Basic Brewing Radio: James’ podcast devoted to home brewing.

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