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Advice We Would Give Our Younger Selves

Table of Contents
  1. Show Notes
Table of Contents  
  1. Show Notes

Ever wish you had a TARDIS so you could go back in time to give your younger self advice?  We’ll discuss what we know now that we wish we had knows then.

(I know that’s not a TARDIS in the photo but the TARDIS is cooler and the new Doctor Who is awesome, just an aside.)

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We can all look back on our lives and wish we had done things differently.  Maybe you regret college because you’re saddled with what seems like insurmountable debt.  Maybe you wish you had invested in Apple or even knew that you were supposed to be saving a portion of your pay every check.

I feel sick when I think about all the money I should have saved in the last ten years when I have had virtually no living expenses.  But there was no LMM ten years ago and if I’m honest, even if there had been, I only started caring about personal finance a year ago.  That’s why LMM is so important to the whole team.  We want to stop people making the mistakes we made, so they don’t have that sickening feeling of regret.

Credit cards are a big one.  Used properly, they are a powerful tool to give you rewards, cash back, purchase protection, lots of great perks.  But most people are told two things, credit cards are evil, never get one.  Or they’re told nothing at all and act like a drunken sailor on shore leave the second they get their first one.

In 2008 they were giving out houses like candy at the bank.

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It is not helpful to beat yourself up for mistakes you’ve made and even worse to feel regret over things you didn’t know.  The best time to start doing something good for you was ten years ago, the second best time is now.

Show Notes

Maine Root Blueberry Soda:  soda that tastes of summer.

Headspace:   Netflix for meditation.

LMM Tool Box:  Everything you need to live without financial regrets in one place.

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