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Recent Articles

The Business of Babies

It’s not romantic but if we looked at having a baby as a business decision, it would provide information to make better choices. The business of babies.


TTIP is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. It is being negotiated in secret and if it passes, none of our shit will remain unfucked.

Corporate Welfare

Welfare is a dirty word in America. Corporate welfare is the real dirty word though, x rated in fact. See just who gets the real welfare in America.

Goals Versus Dreams

The serenity to set goals, the courage to follow your dreams, and the stupidity of not knowing the difference.

2015 Financial Goals

I want to share my family’s financial goals and plan to reach them for 2015. To drift is hell, to steer heaven. Which will you do in 2015 money wise?

Managing Your Finances While Between Jobs

A job loss is a major life stressor, not least of all due to money concerns. see how to best handle your money until you are back on the career ladder.

It’s Never Too Late

If I knew then what I know now. I hate that saying. There is so much regret and blame in that sentence. But I hate it most of all for the futility of it.

One Simple Trick to Achieve New Year’s Resolutions

Every year there are a slew of tired articles about New Year’s Resolutions. This is not that. This is one simple trick to achieve New Year’s Resolutions.

Getting Ready for Season 2

Are you ready? It begins January 5th!

Get The Money Out of Politics

With a record $4 billion dollars spent in 2014 mid-term elections and the lowest turn out in over seventy years, it’s time to get the money out of politics.

Why Net Neutrality Must Be Preserved

Net neutrality has been in the news a lot recently. Maybe you’re not even sure what it is but it must be preserved.

The High Cost of Poor Health Care

It’s no secret that even with the advent of the Affordable Care Act, it’s costly to be healthy in America. But the high cost of poor health care is even more costly.

Shopping On Black Friday

Shopping on Black Friday has become a uniquely American institution. Find out how and when to get the best deals without being trampled to death.

How To Save Money on Christmas Gifts

Now that we’ve crossed the Halloween threshold, the Christmas season is fast upon us. Here are a few ways to save money on Christmas gifts.

So You Fell Off the Wagon

It happens to us all. We start a new diet then binge on pizza. We fell off the wagon. And it can happen to our finances too.